Enjoy the same rewarding user experience across
all communication devices

Zultys RingCentral 8x8 Mitel

Team of Consultants

Access all your communication resources in one convenient, user-friendly solution. All of our Unified Communications options include award-winning platforms with all the features your employees love, like presence, mobile applications, visual voicemail, video conferencing, desktop collaboration, webinar capabilities, and more. Need to add a contact center agent(s)? No problem. We can empower your users with enhanced contact center functionality!

Agent Supervisor Tools Contact Center Analytics

Global Communication and Collaboration

2 Redundant brings a new age where communications, apps, and data work together to secure ways of connecting employees to boost workforce productivity, share knowledge, and strengthen customer relationships, anywhere and anytime in the world.

Provide sales presentations and product demos via screen share sessions with one or multiple customers. Offer training or e-learning for employees or clients. Deliver remote support in real time. Access office or home computers remotely. Conduct web seminars as an alternative to the cost and stress of travel. All completely integrated into the same award winning, user friendly platform for launching by the touch of a button from your MAC or PC.


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Location Independent

Our platforms allow multi-site businesses with branch offices across the country and around the world to seamlessly integrate into a single Unified Communications system. Every employee at every location may be contacted simply by dialing their extension number. Staff may seamlessly roam from office to office and always be accessible. Contact center agents may be located at any location, allowing staff resources to be utilized more efficiently. Stay connected to your business from anywhere and on any device.

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