Proactive Maintenance of Business Critical Resources

Reliable Infrastructure

When your employees can not access their resources, how much money do you lose? If you include the price of still having to pay them, it adds up quick. Continuous maintenance and monitoring of network resources is critical. If your network crashes even partially, it could spell disaster for your business, your communication with customers, and your bottom line. That’s why 2 Redundant provides comprehensive Network Operations Services. Our platforms allow us to monitor your network and critical applications around the clock, to give you the competitive edge required for success in todays's connected world.

The Benefits of Managed Services

    Ο     Patch Management
    Ο     Report and asset visibility
    Ο     Significant reduction in downtime
    Ο     Shorter time to solution
    Ο     Proactive and immediate incident management
    Ο     Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
    Ο     Reduced network support and monitoring costs

Lock Security

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